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A Renaissance of Purposeful Existence – Authentic Living

In the times that we are trying to live and the world is responding at many levels, there is on-going grief and loss that is being experienced. The global and national political turmoil and its effects on the collective have a new awareness that makes people respond to kindness and compassion at a one-to-one level.

This brings forth a new concept that is being herald, conscious living a paradigm shift from the professional focused outlook of living. This combination of this is what I would like to term the renaissance of purposeful living. Having spend the past few years reading many classics again in literature , modern nonfiction self help genre and following new scientific research in the positive psychology area on these dimensions. The collective knowledge and fueling the new age thinking is the ability to question , seek answers and derive conclusions that change with experience.

The seekers today are individuals living within the matrix and growing beyond their conditioning to allowing the meaning of life to unfold. That is the path of self individualization , the famous Psychiatrist Carl Jung emphasized as the eventual goal of living. Even Maslow in the hierarchy of needs explains the highest form of achieving self is self-actualization. From the modern mystics to spirituality being the way of life of a large global aware and mindful population, we are a new generation of authentic individuals.

The code of self conduct for us is established after working through our traumas and unconditioned of belief systems that have kept us in a negative narrative. Today the power of the mind to reprogram the subconscious and every energetically empower cellular regeneration is researched and regarded in science along with medicine. This molecular philosophy of life is seeing its cues in the rising awareness and people taking responsibility of themselves.

Authentic Living is a hard path of choosing serving ourselves along with others , honoring , respecting and regarding thoughts , emotions and believes to experience emotions in all the highs and low the perception of being brings along.Combiningthe principal of self care and creating inclusive, holistic self has authentic boundaries as basic personal rights;

New Age Authentic Living Laws

In a non attached way of mindfully existing in the rigor of ones thoughts and awareness to accept and adapt :
•I practice saying “NO”.
•I have the right to “Ask what I want or don’t want”.
•I have the right to express my feelings both negative and positive.
•I have the right to make mistakes, acknowledge them and learn from them.
•I have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
•I have a right to change my mind on a different course of action with taking responsibility of my actions.
•I have a right to protest unfair treatment or criticism.
•I have the right to expect from & give Honesty to others.
•I have the right to feel angry towards myself and others in situations.
•I have the right to say”I don’t know” & learn.
•I have a right to be in a non abusive environment.
•I have a right to negotiate for change within myself, my environment and others.
•I have the right to ask for and give emotional support.
•I have the right to build my work, finances and life for myself.
•I have the right to my own needs of personal space, solitude & privacy.
•I have the right not to take responsibility for someone else’s behaviour, feelings or problems.
•I have the right not to have to anticipate others needs & wishes.
•I have the right to choose not to respond to people, places and things/ situations.
•I have a right to not communicate with people who demand or interfere with my solitude.
•I have the right to be my authentic self for myself as myself!

This will create the willingness to honour , keep and accept boundaries that consistently work to create individuals working for themselves. It will foster creating better society and allows honest interaction towards purpose of building community and nation , breaking down generational patterns.

To start your own journey towards Authentic Living

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