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Creating An Authentic Life Mindfully

Disclaimer : These are observations made from counseling sessions and shared to create awareness towards supporting Mental Health.

The continuity of the emphasis of the Mental Health month is in being consistent in using available resources consistently to create the best possible life with knowing professional help is available to assist in coping with the challenges of keeping up with being human.

The authentic life advocated by me has been a mindful awareness endeavor as the world gears up for the festive season . The beginning is with the world’s most populous country India and other Hindu religion following nations will be celebrating Diwali, we at Tatava Studio would like to share a chance with you all to gift a therapy session or a package to your loved one during this festive season.

We are thankful , grateful and blessed to be that place to create a mindful awareness in people

As 2023 turns festive across the globe l Aarti Ahuja Psychologist at Tatava Studios invite you to simplify your life in all aspect – social , relationships , personal , professional and family issues to live your radical authentic life.

I use therapeutic resources to facilitate perceptual mind and behaviour change in your way of perceiving the things around you. Our therapeutic relationship will have moments of triumphs and other difficult moments ans you will learn about your emotional associations , keep your heart open as you voice your truth and together we create insight in giving you a renewed sense of authenticity beyond societal , familial and professional influences.

I offer individual sessions , group sessions and can create bespoken workshops for individuals ready to courageously be on the path of authentic living

Our details are mentioned below

Thank you for accepting the invitation to your authentic life !

Beyond the recognition of places that are there to help you cope with emotional challenges, the regular support structure friends and family also need to be taken care of. To create authentic conscious living it is about working on ourselves and extending that support to others. If they willingly take it up and ask to be supported in their life challenges. We are creating a community that values itself first and honours presence of people in respectful z communication that expresses concern and care in thoughts and action.

Mindful authentic living is a balance of work on ourselves and willingness to extend to others. Gratitude to those who accept our help the way we can or communicate with us how they want to be cared for. A reminder in this process, never be intrusive in another’s life , help when asked for and direct people to correct resources from where they can seek experts or focused professional help.

You take up and create space to exist as yourself sharing your thoughts and feelings while hearing others and reaching the best way to co exist

Mindful authentic living is co-existence with the self and others while maximizing available resources to become the better versions of ourselves and create a community connected in caring with compassion, kindness and gratitude towards living!

Aarti Ahuja
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