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Authenticity In Practice – Reflective Prose

When you remember someone lost to death or drifting apart in life. It may seem illogical to the rational mind but the emotional and spiritual self carries an imprint of everyone we meet. You carry within a part of who the other met you as always and that is why first impressions mean so much even today! This energy exchange and leaving a mark on each other says we are connected energetically.

It means that you can summon the thought of the other person back to your mind even though countless years and miles may stand between you. It means that if you connect again, even though the outlook of your personality evolved you will know the other person. That is why, sometimes energetically we know the other person is safe and we let ourselves interact with our vulnerability and authentic self. This knowledge comes from the energy we shared in this lifetime or the past lifetime. Throughout understanding of energy science and the collective psyche , past life memory is acknowledged. As it has been given empirical proof , concepts of Deja Vu , recalling past life under altering states of feelings brings to the fact that we are recycling our energy contracts with each other in each life.

Some people are more useful, closely associated and meaningful to us this lifetime and some who have been the same earlier meet us fleetingly but in significant ways in the present life. Respecting everyone’s presence and accepting their role as per the circumstances and scenarios energetically we gather ourselves in preparation for the next lives interaction. The beauty is that we share energy and align itself with each other a set group of souls in different roles, proximity and relevance will travel in each life.

Amongst the biggest learning experience of grief and loss is the going away of the physical body essence of the person being mourn. The moments when you can feel their scent , hug , voice, face etc ; it starts to fade away. It jostles the emotional cognition and sparks the centre of fear that can make the reaction anything. But if we understand energy this stage of processing grief is an indication of letting go of the form of energy interacted in this lifetime. That is why all cultural traditions encourage the individual to believe that our loved ones are with us always, the energy of their soul is permanent with us always. Thus we can speak to them through our hearts.

For as long as you remember energy , nobody is ever entirely lost from your soul tribe. When one is feeling the memory of the loved one is becoming blurry it is your remembrance that keeps them alive energetically. That is why socio cultural traditions have practices to remember the death across the world. Adding to that even when you lose people over life happenings, shared memories , common dates and occasions celebrated together or rituals created around them are remembered.

Humans consciously engage in being energy and keep each other alive in thoughts, charging our values that keeps our existence a permanent reality.

In stages of development Eriksson talks about out of mind out of sight, similarly as I dwelled over this concept. I found it is similar for souls interacting with each other over lifetimes. If we reappear in each other’s path the recognition of each other and the depth of familiarity depends on how closely associated we have been in other lives. Due to a minimum level of earlier interaction it takes us a long time to let the person in our present live in our inner circle. We resist the divine plan of synchronization and deny occurrence of life because we think of living instead of living through the process of living.

In the energy exchange of being the authentic conscious awareness respecting everyone’s energy and aligning itself with letting go of what & who doesn’t give me calm , I incorporated in my practice.

” I am gone before you can remember in the form I met you in, thank you for meeting me as me and you as you. I let go of being remembered but I as energy will always be, so I live in everyone and everyone lives in me. I will die many times because energy will recycle ,recharge and re equip itself as and when we remember each other as you and me.
Yet I am sovereign in me, where I focus that energy lives to become more of me and you, so it is not the words used to describe it is energy that begins from ourselves to end in ourselves. That is Authenticity in action, acceptance and acknowledgement of time space and form in being formless”

Aarti Ahuja 

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