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Confidence To Accept Yourself 

Disclaimer : These are observations made from counseling sessions and shared to create awareness towards supporting Mental Health.

At different life stages , a crisis is often felt in coping with reality; it challenges our daily functioning and ability to be  whole. In the wake of such challenges reality becomes two folded , perceived reality and as it occurs. It is like a cup of tea enjoyed hot or cold depending on the environment !

Having a full cup of TEA ,  comes with interaction in the environment and its reaction is the emotional coping we display. Emotional resilience and strength is having your tea cup full before pouring in another’s cup. Many concepts , training modules and interventions are available online to understand “TEA”

One can share tea with others only when the self understands one’s own 



3As – Awareness , Adaption and Acceptance

Sit with your Emotions

Take Care of Yourself

Learn to Manage negative Feelings

Learn your Triggers

Communicate Mindfully

Emotional Intelligence is the way we use our available resources to understand, use and manage one’s own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathise with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict arising from interaction with the environment.

To learn mindful coping strategies to build Emotional Intelligence is to also learn coping with reality effectively. As the new year sets in the second month , new challenges and opportunities around recreating ourselves encourage better coping. Reality can be better perceived by 

  1. Accepting the external circumstances.
  2. Aware of your and others emotions- Be kind to yourself and others. 
  3. Adapt , Be receiving and giving. 
  4. Be flexible to change. 
  5. Follow a routine , begin one or review your present routine.
  6. Begin self care activities or continue the ones you are doing.
  7. Be in the present moment.
  8. Do things without putting pressure on yourself and others. Prioritise tasks , delegate and ask for help in both personal and professional situations.
  9. Schedule regular breaks and encourage others to take breaks as well.
  10. Have boundaries and communicate to people around , practise them consciously.
  11. Each time your triggers will not be the same as you evolve your boundaries when put in practice give you new social and environmental challenges to cope with. Be Reflective 
  12. Honour the emotional progress you have made.
  13. Recognise new triggers and apply coping strategies to navigate the challenges.
  14. Be well informed , don’t over consume social media , cross check with professionals in the field.
  15. Don’t forward information without checking the source . Similarly don’t gossip about others and when in doubt communicate with the person directly on the matter at hand. Give the individual respect and yourself as well.
  16. Share information after cross checking keep yourself updated and when you don’t know say you are not aware about the present situation.
  17. Be preventive and have plans to reach out to local authorities , your support group individuals , family and friends. Know the line of people to contact, share with them and always keep it with you.
  18. Carry a journal , to write down your feelings , ideas and even daily activities to track yourself.
  19. Ask for help and support if family and friends can’t help reach out to professionals.
  20. Coping with reality is like building muscle in the gym with practice and consistency. Reality can be lived in a well adjusted manner with support and awareness to acknowledging and adapting to situations.

Learn more and check out Boundaries of Communication in Social Settings

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