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Well-Being Is Good Being

The simplest explanation of well-being is understood as a state of feeling healthy and happy. Then come various definitions from the subjects of study of the interaction between self and environment. In practice and pursuit well being becomes a state of good being. The focus is on all aspects of life and its impressions on thoughts and feelings that create a ripple effect of goodness.

As a practicing psychologist and a client at a certain stage in life , I understood well being as a state of conscious awareness that makes us interact with dimensions in the environment based on the characteristics and virtues from where our personality is built. Again, a by-product of interaction with the environment our personality becomes a vehicle of fostering well-being.

A holistic approach to well being comes from modern privilege of creating resources through financial gains in assisting practicing good well-being. If discussed theoretical a model of 8 types of well-being emerge. The emphasis how ever is on the fusing together of types of well-being as an understanding of being connected to the universal flow.

As an omnist I learnt to identify energy that governs the existence as a force behind creating our own well-being, as the famous pop culture understanding of happiness is that it is created inside, so is well-being. To be able to use the energy within us a source to fuel well-being, we need to identify and perceive our individuality as the medium of interaction with the environment.

As the COVID 19 virus has robbed us of the feeling of well-being .Our quality of life is reassessed as a choice of giving thought to what matters beyond the financial gains we as a bigger society are re writing the meaning of well-being , as experience of each individuals differ the learning is the same again and again. Today in a re commissioned world of individuals accepting themselves and accepting responsibility towards themselves. The onus is on professionals and individuals equally to create a being that is well and healing collectively towards lessening trauma and being informed about triggers to mitigate coping through mechanisms and strategies that enhance the flow.

The flow as a concept in scientific community is made famous by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s study of optimal experiences finds reference in the biggest ongoing study of human psyche, our religious and spiritual practices. Scientist, thinkers, spiritual leaders and opinion makers alike have advocated the existence of energy as the source of most psychic construct.
Applying the available understanding is a conscious effort to create well-being within us and reflecting it in actions by taking care of ourselves at mind body and soul level.

We are amidst the most challenging times of personal development a crisis of humanity in the way energy works this is a valuable chance to rebuild the understanding of ourselves and give well – being the honour of its being our light!
As an individual I practise my own system of well-being ;
I am aware of my surroundings and my thoughts.

I create my understanding of the interaction with others and the environment based on observation, introspection, increasing my intuition and open mindedness to accumulate knowledge that helps me grow.

I value my privilege that allows me to create the resources that make me adapt to change and be accountable for the outcomes towards my well- being.
My mantra for well-being is being grateful, thankful and surrendered to the energy that is the ultimate source of all being!

As a practicing mental health professional, I see a new age of conscious individuals re learning life. I look forward to journeying along with these individuals empowering change as the predominant choice.

Aarti Ahuja
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