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Forming a Stronger Relationship With Yourself

Disclaimer : These are observations made from counseling sessions and shared to create awareness towards supporting Mental Health.

As young adults or even later in our lives we face a phase of not being in a romantic relationship or having family, friends or other support structures around. That is the phase of life that we focus on ourselves and consistently work on self development and assimilation of our experiences.

The phase of having no romantic or friendship attachments encourages a stronger relationship with ourselves. These phases will come and go or sometimes become a permanent part of being you. Embracing yourself in a stronger relationship with yourself is self love at its best.

Forming a Stronger Relationship With Yourself

1)Acknowledge yourself, your past choices, situations and how you feel towards it.

2)Accept the occurrence of those, as they were in the past, Let them go.

3)Adapt to the present, sit with your feelings, review your opinions about life and open yourself to learning new ways.

4)Communicate gratitude to people, relationships and friends who have been there earlier. Voice the same for yourself.

5)Take up hobbies and develop yourself with skills that can be used to improve your professional and personal life.

6)Include practices of self care and work on building your intuition and awareness that makes you take independent decisions.

7)Cultivate a life of being present for yourself, positively view challenges, ask for help where required and be willing to give & receive with the same care in all connections.

8)Show vulnerability and the ability to share with others to learn and progress in your own self.

As this stronger relationship with yourself fosters an evolving personality, the other side is also true, sometimes strong people are difficult to be around or they don’t allow themselves to be loved. If you have a romantic interest who is a strong and well adjusted person yet it is difficult to get past them emotionally or you yourself are a strong person.

How to Love a Strong Individual 

  1. Respect their boundaries and yours – 

When they share acknowledge it by saying “ i appreciate your sharing and I am thankful you can do that with me , how do you want to be supported “

When it is you share “ it is difficult for me to share but I am willing to connect with you emotionally if you are available please listen to me”

  1. Discuss Financial Situations Before Hand 

Strong people value financial independence whether  a man or woman they like to be self-sufficient and reliant . Discuss what they are comfortable in sharing or what you are willing to pay for . Keeping the investment in relationships clear keeps expectations lower and the emphasis on gifting related give and take changes the dynamics in the long run. It also helps in better individual financial planning.

  1. Discuss Social Situations & Appearances Together 
  • As a couple it is important to be seen together while it is also considered healthy to socialise on your own . Discuss with your partner where your presence or their presence in your individual and combined social circles is required.
  •  What role each of you take up in your dynamics for the outside world. 
  • Never bad mouth each other in public or joke about the past or their passions.
  •  Be supportive and know that their worth in social situations is also reflective of your strong personalities co existing as proud partners.
  •  Make an effort to know their circle and share the expectation with them as well 
  1. Doing Activities together and also Scheduling Time Apart 

As doing activities together makes one explore the individual you also find common interest to build up upon that can become a couples way of deepening their connection over time. Parallel scheduling time apart keeps the relation healthy and a strong individual is not felt over burdened by the other’s presence and both can be equally available to each other while functioning as individuals.

Seek relationship counselling for opening up to be in a relationship or improving your existing relationship

Learn more and check out Boundaries of Communication in Social Settings

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