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Celebrating Joys & Sorrows Equally

Celebrating Joys & Sorrows Equally

Disclaimer : These are observations made from counseling sessions and shared to create awareness towards supporting Mental Health.

As it predecessors will be remembered as years of acknowledging awareness while pausing, adapting and accessing the resources of better mental wellness. 2023 towards its end will be considered a year of balancing, believing and action towards improving wellness.

The Mental Health and Healthcare field has seen a surge in lifestyle adapting behavior on one end while more diagnosis and treatment towards lifestyle related diseases. The style of global living is changing but many are still grappling with war , lack of resources and the related mental strain that makes Mental Health even more crucial to be advocated and awareness spread around it. The role of a mental health professional can be found across industries and social settings that involve people interacting with each other.

So as individuals making career choices of being in The Mental Health industry or someone who is already a part of it , we need to celebrate our own joys and sorrows equally.

Many LinkedIn and other social media post accentuate what a mental health professional learns through the journey and evolves through the process. Taking the insights from my colleagues who have shared candidly about being a Mental Health professional in 2023 the Joys of which balance the Sorrows and I find myself with a checklist that can help everyone striving to improve their well-being at mind- body- spirit level.

This is created with interaction with professional colleagues , clients and passionate mental health advocates you have brought together this year for me as your psychologist to attempt Simplifying Wellness.

Celebrating Mental Health & Humanity as this year’s World Mental Health Day ( 10th October ) theme was declared by WHO –

“ Mental Health Is An Universal Right “

Asserting and advocating the same we Tatava Studio Simplifying Wellness brings to you



  1. Solutions

The action oriented route to solve our problems whether in our personal relationships or professional encounters. A positive narrative than otherwise “ problem solving” to be solution oriented.

After accepting , acknowledging and becoming aware of the scenario , we begin adaptation -Adaptation is the process of change that brings the scenario to be reviewed and available , borrowed or helping resources used to orient the scenario to the desirable solution.

Scenario – Resources – Help – Action – Scenario Change

2. Organizing

This is another perspective to the popular action of “de-cluttering”

Prioritizing task into – for self , for the role or relationship , for the social self

For Inner SelfFor Role / RelationshipFor Social Self 
Gives intellectual and purpose driven to fullfill needsGives satisfaction to basic needs of love & belongingGives a feeling of positive self worth and image vis a  vis others 

3. Understanding

The concept is similar to having innate kindness and compassion , understanding is the ability to recongnise , respect , accept and adapt to individual social , cultural and biological differences.

4. Living

A concept that encourages here and now existence of the mind , body and spirit. Working with our awareness to interact in different versions and respond to the things , places , people and our own perceptions.

As we emphasized “Change” in the earlier blog “Moving Towards Reflecting on Actions”

We conclude that the last month of the year begins with appreciating what has been achieved and planning ahead to serve the community through providing counseling sessions and creating Mental Health awareness and advocacy.

Learn more and check out Boundaries of Communication in Social Settings

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