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Womanhood An Interaction Between Sex & Gender

Disclaimer : These are observations made from counseling sessions and shared to create awareness towards supporting Mental Health.

As the recently concluded Women’s Day highlighting the theme of the year quotes, “ Invest In Women : Accelerate Progress” The investment we urge individuals to make is understanding the interaction between sex and gender to create a progressing society accelerating toward inclusion and accepting diversity!

We at Tatava Studio Simplifying Wellness despite being a woman lead organisation through the process of adopting a conscious awareness of living have recognised the Man vs Woman existence is the interaction between the sex and gender with the external factors creating a behaviour that is driven by these variables.

Let’s first understand the difference between sex and gender

This graphic found online illustrates the observation being made within therapeutic and non therapeutic settings , the variables are interacting with self and identity of an individual.

Gender identity today has emerged as a process of evolution and socio cultural formation of giving it legitimacy in law has been a movement for years . As it is commonly viewed as the personal sense of one’s own gender. It can either correlate with the assigned sex at birth or differ from it.

Social and within educational institutions teaching the concept of gender challenges the binary core belief systems. Days like women’s day urge society to review gender beyond the binary . The concept of diversity and inclusion are very much like a living organism that needs to be nurtured at a community and culture level. So that the coming generation is empowered to reach for economic stability and be comfortable in the gender identity they aling with.

The movement from the 1960s to bring gender identity as a norm has seen across the globe a coming together of people and niche communities within different cultures and ethnicity that empowerment is not just a  Women’s Day concept it is the capacity and character building for a few generations to be value adding individuals to society.

To  explain it better and for even a binary individual to understand the gender spectrum , the famous gingerbread man graphic in its third version is attached below 

This gives us the gender spectrum 

Gender identity is questioned as soon as the individual starts to interact with their environment it is supported or suppressed as per the experience of earlier generations.

While Women’s Day is crucial for Cis Binary women and their role in society creating it from them and through them other generations have identified their gender preferences some have found safety in interacting as their chosen gender and many others are struggling. 

Empowerment is Social, Educational & financial that opens acceptance, gives different fields a boost of consumer and research opportunity to academia to understand behavioural trends beyond the cis binary gender spectrum. On women’s day the inclusion of gender identity starting from the role a cis woman plays in nurturing identity is important to recognise, appreciate an existing generation changing ways and consider the way forward for the new generation of this interaction between Sex and Gender.

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