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What Does A Psychologist Do ? 

Disclaimer : These are observations made from counseling sessions and shared to create awareness towards supporting Mental Health.

Healing – Acceptance – Learning ( to ) – Flow

As a Mental Health organization we have been encouraging individuals to seek help and also creating awareness around what therapy can entail in the process. So taking the same encouragement received from clients and others with a courage to attempt expressing here is 

What Does A Psychologist Do ? 

Before the What is attempted to be answered , let us understand Who is a Psychologist and What is the field of Psychology 

From my limited experience of study and practice to explain the field as simply as possible , Psychology is 

“ The art and science of studying the mind and behavior , it is the interaction between the human and the environment . It is a multifaceted discipline and includes sub fields of study and research in human life processes from birth to dying.”

This definition evolved from an influence of reading General Psychology & other Psychology books , gaining practical experience in conducting sessions and seeing the nuances of the field play out in daily life. 

Who is a Psychologist ? 

A Psychologist is a trained professional who has completed basic degrees like Bachelors , Masters and further gained professional skills through training in different sub fields and areas building skills in understanding the human psyche.Though it is not necessary to do a Bachelors degree , a Bachelors in any subject gives you a prerequisite to do a Masters. But beyond that level a Masters degree in Psychology is required to learn professional skills that make one adept in dealing with human interaction in the environment in the chosen sub field. Through each level the individual is trained to eliminate individual biases and scientifically taught to understand behavior processes of others. Also learns to maintain ethical code of conduct and client confidentiality that is enforced by professional organizations and guided by the individual’s moral compass. Different countries certify Psychologist post Masters and after they have received training and developed professional acumen to deal with other individuals. This certification is through government organizations primarily. Training initially is gaining knowledge and knowing about all the sub fields . The professional building of the Psychologist depends on their individual interest in the field and this core skill building is a lifelong process. As the society and its dynamics evolves a Psychologist has to upgrade the skills and knowledge required to be the desired professional. The professional training beyond establishing one’s core area in Psychology is certification courses , internships ( practical experience of applying the knowledge ) , attending workshops and seminars . ALong with that being in supervision, taking guidance from other and senior professionals in understanding yourself as an individual to eliminate biases in practice.Higher qualifications like Psy.D , Msc , PhD etc are sought after by professionals as per the niche they evolve themselves in . The profession has its own challenges and it is recognised as being a part of Mental Health Professionals . Who are the other Mental Health Professionals , Psychiatrist ( MBSS Doctor’s with a MD degree ) , Social Workers trained in Mental Health , Nurses and Medical or Non Medical staff trained in Mental Health awareness , prevention and maintenance all have specific research and professional thought capacity building.  

Now , coming to 

What Does A Psychologist Do ? 

With humility and sincere reverence to my profession the following lines are observations collected over the years and attempted to be streamlined for the population at large to understand the profession and the professional.

  • Psychologists help others navigate and improve thoughts, actions and behavior in interaction with others and the environment in daily life. 
  • Assisting the client in identifying the area of change at the thought and emotion level . From their implementing strategies by creating goals, a plan of implementing those goals taking into account the changing patterns of daily life and the scenarios. As an individual the psychologist is trained to view this as a client- counselor / Therapist relation in this relationship , for the psychologist to witness the transformation in another individual is a humbling experience. The said relationship is empowering for both as the client is navigating through life’s transitions and the professional is getting validation of the science and art of implementing that science. 
  • This transition is generating insight in the client. The insight helps the client to change and create more functional patterns of social interaction. For the psychologist there is a profound sense of professional and personal growth to facilitate this transformative process of resolving emotions and changing thought patterns. The forward movement in the therapeutic relationship happens when there is acknowledgement of change visible by both and the commitment to work consistently on continuing to build resilience and create openness of growth.
  • As the vast depths of the human psyche come into play in this therapeutic relationship for both the client and therapist it is tapping into their own vast internal reservoirs that assist in facilitating the change within the client. The clients ‘ attitudes , skills , strength , potential , identity and the building up of unwavering belief within themselves to cope with reality is what a Psychologist  does. While maintaining an ethical code of conduct set by professional organizations monitoring the field and their own moral compass upholding client confidentiality and trust which is a crucial and reaffirming  part of the training process as a Psychologist at all levels.

A psychologist thrives along with their clients as the path of reaching the highest form of being ourselves is open for both the meeting of a trained individual and a willing individual to bring change within themselves is an alchemy that can empower society!

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