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Presence Of People Accept The Coming & Going

The story of people coming in life and for some time becoming more or everything is a repeat pattern for many.

Recognizing this is a blessing of loving oneself while wishing those who move away well and more. The gratitude for everyone’s contribution in that present moment of life is why we meet them. One is allowed to miss the presence but don’t bring back people. Allowing people again in life inhibits growth if you meet them again know how you have learnt better. The better learning gives the interaction a calculated chance, protect yourself from the presence that disturbed your essence.

Be glad to have support,

Be grateful to have people in your present moment – because the loneliest one feels is in crowds.

Being in these crowds these people confirm how the pattern is a reporting of the heart saying love itself before there is no self. As the self wholly knows that it can observe people it starts to become an observer of itself.

The observer, observing is a state of awareness many can’t fully come to be in. People and there presence pulls the being as it looks for belonging and love. Truest belonging though is the presence of being in this observer state. It awakens the limitless presence of being that no presence of people can ever fulfil.

Be your people , Be your friend!

Tips To Emotional Healing

Our narrative is of healing and wellness recognizing how we are doing on the path of healing especially emotionally is essential to keep granting ourselves the process becoming progress-

Stages of Emotional Healing

  • Suffering
  • Awareness
  • Confront
  • Express
  • Accept


You are in denial & dealing with the victim narrative of the grief/ trauma or hurt


You – Name What You Feel How You Feel

Why You Feel the particular emotion/a


You accept your emotions, sit with them in awareness and face your emotional pain with your inner resources


You express your emotions a physical release of the pain helps in grounding the healing experience.


You accept the experience of the emotional state honoring it & looking beyond the experience.

Accepting Yourself Authentically!

If you find your own available inner resources and immediate support system not able to help you cope with your emotional healing.

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