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Keeping Up Our Boundaries

The authentic individual who lives from an awareness of here-now and evolves towards the understanding of being a work in progress , often is challenged with keeping up their boundaries.

Especially as the lessons of life keep showing up in different events , through people and also the coming back of the same people. We need to keep the promise to ourselves to honor our own boundaries and go through the process how so ever emotionally triggering. It is not being cruel to oneself but as each emotion needs to be felt through so does this challenge of resurfaced emotional upheaval.

This is an emotional and often triggering aspect that is only talked about in sessions –

What to do when you are to practice What you preach ?

Emotional resilience and coping strategies of mindfulness , letting go and even working from the space of authentic awareness if suddenly highjacked by our emotions and vulnerability to the presence of things , events and those people becomes a self sabotaging scenario.

To be radically accepting even facing our vulnerabilities we need a strategy in place that is beyond the self care paradigm it is a holistic hack to be used in such situations that the brain and body don’t shut down. In facing great emotional triggers –

Awareness of having experienced it before and knowing the first sign of emotional and mental shut down the tendency to be impulsive or protecting one selves by indulging in alcohol or binge eating that provide emotional comfort for that time.

Immediately upon recognizing over indulgence remove yourself from the environment , ask a friend to take you away – social support in maintaining yourself during an emotional upheaval is essential in finding the

Acknowledgment of the scenario , your physical , mental and emotional space the movement to change the environment helps in reducing the intensity on the body and re signals the brain toward safety .

It is important to hydrate at this point drinking water helps and having a person alongside or on the phone .

Don’t ignore any physical signs of heart burn , stomach ache or dizziness call the emergency numbers you might need medical assistance.

Be prepared carry a list of questions in your phone or purse – to bring you back to awareness

Ask yourself
What am I feeling
Towards whom or what
Who is causing me distress
How am I coping with it
Can I continue in the environment
I am not guilty or shamed of myself
I am worthy

Adapting to the scenario –
Have a friend to support alongside or on the phone
Be prepared to call for medical assistance
Do a relaxation exercise after you gain awareness of the emotional trigger disturbing you.
Keep it in your phone to remind yourself or a friend to make you go through this.
The technique is called progressive muscle relaxation is a popular method for coping with anxiety and panic attacks.
This involves tensing up and then relaxing various muscles in turn.
To do this:
Hold the tension for 5 seconds.
Say “relax” as you release the muscle.
Let the muscle relax for 10 seconds before moving on to the next muscle

Immediately after an emotional upheaval , take a break from your routine the body needs to recharge and maintain itself . Indulge in the well researched and supportive self care techniques , exercise , meditation spending time with loved ones etc.

After which if you are already in sessions switch a Psychologist inform your Psychologist of the development , how you coped and what are you feeling towards your response and management.

If you are not in sessions , please seek out a mental professional to help you understand your emotional and mental patterns that caused a n upheaval.

The promise in living well s an authentic conscious person is to ourselves. The boundaries and way of life we chose can be not fitting in the regular scenario. The difference of setting up and keeping boundaries will help you grow towards being thankful for less clutter of people and things that will help in focusing on creating a life of actualizing your potential in a holistic way!

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