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Being Kind to Yourself

Kindness as practiced in society been pointed out is the act of growing in being more of ourselves more compassionate and human in our outlook of being holistic individuals.

From facilitating change in my clients and bringing a perspective of active, acts of kindness within myself, I find kindness to be inter-related at three levels.

Family / Relationships



As research in our mental health field points out those who practice kindness see clear benefits to their well-being and longevity. As the gone by times of COVID 19 Pandemic has shown us the human ability to be kind exist and only needs to be harnessed in daily life.

Acts of kindness create a ripple effect that reap emotional dividends, making a difference in a loved one or complete strangers life is a gift to humanity we give as we re-imagine a kinder society.

Kindness is a supporting mechanism we provide to our own mental health and increase vitality for others , that helps in the collective taking better decisions. Humans inspire each other and in inspiring we put other’s needs beyond ourselves while being mindful that we don’t put ourselves in an inconvenient position.

To put it in action over the last few months DMHC has talked about various positive attributes benefiting the doer and receiver.

For each role we play as an individual we have to first practice it towards ourselves and then extend it to others.

To be a practicing individual of kindness as a character virtue , ask yourself each time you do an act of kindness –

T – Is it true – for what and whom you are doing , don’t do it for achieving anything in return

H – Is it helpful – helping you feel a sense of belonging or similarly for the one receiving within that honest moment of communication

I – Is it Inspiring – To  you first to continue doing acts of kindness and to others to extend kindness in whatever capacity they can

N – Is it Necessary – Not all acts towards others can be claimed as kindness , but their need within the moment can be measured as life is lived through the process

K – Is it Kind – The process of living life has to be one of its kind for each individual as we amass emotional wealth that is the real kind of support , well-being and collective belonging humans seek while being human beings.

A therapeutic learning of being more kind comes from practising Gratitude and  fortitude. This resilience can be built through taking counselling sessions that develops the personality and encourages the holistic being to engage as a fully functioning being adding value to ever changing society.

Kindness is a forever mark!

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