Wellness Counselling


Through individual counselling providing an empathetic , proactive environment for personal development. Being healthy and happy requires a personal commitment and consistent action. The counselling services provided facilitate the later and what the individual to gain their true potential in living life to the fullest.
We have an unique approach to wellness we provide Individualised Wellness Plans ( IWP) as part of the counselling sessions. The emphasis is on incorporating an insight in the individual that opens possibilities of self growth through recognising ones strengths and weakness. A feedback mechanism with family and friends is encouraged and self expression given high regard during counselling to help overcome distress in one’s life.To attune the mind with body and soul, self expression is a vital tool for any individual to understand themselves. We during the duration of counselling encourage the individual to keep a dairy and freely express through writing , poetry, drawing or even photography. In the digital age we fall back on social media as well to use it effectively to imbibe wellness thoroughly.
” Wellness comes with infinite possibilities, as wellness counsellors we guide you to chose what is best the way to de-stress for you.”- Aarti Ahuja