Formula of Not Having a Formula

As individuals who are conditioned to believe the path is from point A to B , we all try to either follow a formula or create a formula to bring in the moolah! So the young 20 something wonders what is life they are told to measure it in success of having a degree , job ,relationship etc. But the actual job of existing as individuals is not taught by the parents , schooling systems or mighty colleges we literally break our backs to enter in . This new generation that is tossing with the plethora of choice is also tossing with the formula of living life. Our conditioning factors in success but it doesn’t factor in living!
So in the A to B linear way of living comes in the XYZ of life , yes reality , it changes all the plans – What is the formula of not having a formula ?

The hardest facts are learnt when we are least prepared and the honest outcomes are celebrated in much utopia of how did it all happen ? Our generation is the generation that romances choice and the outcomes of such a romance are the accidental formulas we seem to call success.

In this asymmetry is a deep sense of symmetry when we accept the universe and its placement of our action towards the right thing for ourselves such an outlook is the not having a formula but still having one. The mind matrix is attuned to the soul and our gut , gumption or inner feeling that guides us through.

In this asymmetry is a deep sense of symmetry when we accept the universe and its placement of our action towards the right thing for ourselves such an outlook is the not having a formula but still having one. The mind matrix is attuned to the soul and our gut , gumption or inner feeling that guides us through.

If we give our mind a chance to be guided by our soul it brings the body in alignment with our inner purpose we can highlight our possibilities and reflect with taught social etiquettes to take a decision that leads us to a path of our true calling. Lesson one of not having a formula is listen to your inner voice , practice listening to your intuition it will grow stronger and use your social intellect to take decisions that shape your life.

Lesson two after you take decisions follow through the path don’t abandon the path in between. Create value on the path as you go along you might have to change if required take informed decisions while practising the learnt condition with the guidance of intuition.

As the right action , thought and purpose cultivates in the present moment we can start seeing a result manifesting. This result is the foundation of Lesson three having patience nothing falls in place overnight! So the social fabric will stretch itself in defining success according to the formula but in not having a formula you are using them to define your achievements with patience.

Once small things happen with a little hope and belief one needs to be constantly reviewing the matrix of the present to fit in what is working and what is not working . Support can only be sought when you know for what are you wanting support . Intention has to clear to make Lesson four of asking for help seem a natural away to build yourself than a give and take.
This brings us to having a open mindset, yes the same mind that is engulfed by condition these four lessons open up the school of thought wherein each action whether professional or personal is a by product of these learnt awareness of our social and spiritual existence.

Not having a formula is the formula of allowing the mind body soul to communicate with fate freely while respecting the norms of civilised society. Encouraging individuality as the flag bearer of using choice as a tool to succeed we all can exist without a formula but still have a format of existence that is malleable and diversifies itself with the happenings of life because life happens over living!

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A Woman is Not a clock

In the modern avatar of feminism , pant wearing working women receives enough flak for being just as independent as she is homely. Today the changing face of modernism is a voice of women but iron clad in patriarchal attitude that at every step question the choice of having a choice!

So the millennial woman ask ” Are we anxious or just getting over our angst ?” The answer is vividly found in various newspaper , online and other articles highlighting the new face of the modern woman, silent depression. It most covert form being anxious about everything and everyone that recreational drinking changes into dependency or even addiction in most cases.

The crucial work life balance , at the tip of high achievement oriented society makes a woman choose more over her heart than the mind. Her choices in the light of feminism are empowering but within the chambers of her heart are nerve cracking.

The woman today is educated and equally wanting to make a difference to society but her own cause of being a woman is left up on posters decorated meekly on her office table. Being away from norm gives her an identity but being the conformist traditionalist of a melange culture she succumbs to the pressures of society. Her support system is in the vast audience online where anonymity gives her the solace to vent and find like mindedness away from her regular society. These interactions and the thought prints on various blogs if read in between the line showcase how anxiety is feed regularly to women for being committed to their own cause. Even female friendships and relationships cover down the commitment she shows to herself and it gets lost in labels and phrases of ridicule. A woman today though fighting for empowerment is losing on being an individual and the over thinking vicious patterns of guilt lead to anxiety. That is either lowered by impulsive shopping , excessive drinking , smoking or other addictions rampant amongst the millennial women.

The issues of the modern woman are not only equality but are justice to be themselves as individuals. The tussle even in our educated mindset is coming to foray when as a woman ,she is not only doing office work but managing a home and lifestyle for those living in that home. The gender roles that society blinds accepts but brutally opposes are seen in our metros when a woman is rushing back in the evening to cook and provide for her family rather than going back for family time that motivates her to achieve equally. Her selfless work towards building up a life in her various roles leaves her clueless when even one part of her machine stops . For the millennial woman the most conflicting scenario are interpersonal relationships whether it is with her partner or friendships the over burdening on her nurturing self leaves her unheard and unappreciated . More recently she even questions her sexual identity and  as gender roles in the changing socio political awareness.

The woman of today is viewed as clock , educated  to be married to produce for the good of society , But this clock breaks very often needs to be reset and the hypocrisy of society creeps anxiety and self doubt that lowers her empowerment to just thoughts in print or on paper.

A woman is not a clock, she is a being with potential and society both men and other women need to realise that in today’s time a woman needs to be given respect, to just be. Her choices made for herself are the assets of a new herald of equal society with openness and higher form of self regard, booting anxiety out for good!

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Mirror Of Now

The lungs of our being is called thoughts and our thoughts rush in an endless web much like the nerves in our lungs. We refuse to quieten it either because we are not taught how to or train ourselves into believing we can. The paradox of thought is that it consist of ifs, buts and other future possibilities, the happenings of the now are left for books to wonder.

We are running on a clock or some clock is running us tough to decide but when we step back we are being run by an autopilot of achievement oriented dilemma that a minute spend away from achievement leaves us clueless in the now.

The fast paced lives and disconnected selves make us stare at the mirror of now to believe that we aren’t what we actually are – the complete being of the universe. Our potentials either are questioned marked in ability or upheld against the society norms. The inner self is never really seen by anyone and when we face it we are flummoxed.

The Now questions in its most usual way who are we, why are we here and who can we be. Questions , desires and more thoughts fog the mirror of Now. Who wipes the mirror , we ourselves by viewing ourselves as complete beings. Our now is of possibilities our now is the mirror of all our desires and actions in real time.  

This brings us to how to de fog the mirror, the mind is always creating a loop of existence there is emptiness following us to create meaning. The purpose of our existence can either be nullified in this no thought space or manifested as an experience of being worthy of the now. We create our reality we essentially are working towards creation everyday and what we think creates energies to make us believe we exist in all reality.

The mirror of now is our consciousness that allows us to become a medium of our own divinity as we experience living in the moment.

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